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Cuisine in Jordan

Arabic cuisine delights the gourmet, and feasting is a preoccupation not only of Jordan, but of the Middle East as a whole. In culinary terms, the Middle East enjoys one of the world's most sophisticated and elaborate cuisines, and are rated among the finest foods in the world. Dishes will even satisfy the health conscious because many of them are made with grain, cheese, yogurt, fresh and dried fruits and vegetables. With the use of these grains and vegetables, meat goes a long way and even the simplest ingredients can produce a surprisingly attractive creation. Jordan's cuisine, although unique, is part of this distinctive culinary heritage, which have been savored for well over a thousand years.

Jordan's national dish is known as mansaf; this is a whole stewed lamb, cooked in a yoghurt sauce and served on a bed of rice. Maglouba is a meat, fish or vegetable stew served with rice, and musakhan is a chicken dish, cooked with onions, olive oil and pine seeds. This is baked in the oven on a thick loaf of Arabic bread.

Also popular is the famous Middle Eastern sheish kebab, consisting of chunks of lamb or marinated chicken speared on a wooden stick and cooked over a charcoal fire with tomatoes and onions.

Wines, spirits and locally produced beer are available, together with imported drinks. All hotels and restaurants are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. The local drink is known as arak, an anis-flavoured drink served mixed with ice and water.





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